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Custom Printed Non Woven Bags - Shenzhen Hongke

Welcome to Shenzhen Hongke Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd., your go-to destination for all your Custom Printed Non Woven Bags needs! With a history dating back to 2001, we've been a pioneering force in the printing and packaging industry, proudly serving South China and beyond.

At Shenzhen Hongke, we don't just create bags; we craft solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our state-of-the-art facility spans 6,000 square meters, housing over 200 skilled professionals who are passionate about delivering top-notch quality and competitive prices directly from our factory.

Custom Printed Non Woven Bags Process

Determine Requirements: Be clear about what kind of custom printed non woven bags you want, your purpose, and brand image.

Design Phase: Collaborate with our design team to bring your ideas to life.

Material Selection: Choose from various materials, including eco-friendly options.

Production & Manufacturing: Our cutting-edge equipment ensures quality and accuracy.

Quality Control: We maintain stringent checks throughout the production process.

Delivery & After-Sales Service: We ensure safe delivery and offer post-purchase support.

Whether you need classic, zipper, gusset, foldable, cross-body, or drawstring-style RPET non-woven fabric tote bags, we've got you covered. Our environmentally friendly materials are versatile and customizable in various colors.

Our dedication to excellence extends to every aspect of our service

Quality Assurance: We uphold strict quality control standards, ensuring your packaging items are of the highest quality.

Design Expertise: We offer free design services with a short sampling time, bringing your visions to life.

Rapid Response: With a commitment to responsive communication, we prioritize face-to-face service through video meetings for effective collaboration.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our German Heidelberg printing machine and advanced equipment ensure exceptional results.

Capacity & Efficiency: Our machinery can produce up to 12,000 auto-shell bags and 50,000 auto-forming products per day, guaranteeing timely delivery.

Sampling Perfection: We maintain rigorous sampling intervals during printing and production to guarantee precision.

Customization: We specialize in tailoring packaging to your unique requirements, from design and materials to functionality and quantity.

Your journey towards Custom Printed Non Woven Bags starts here. Contact us to explore endless possibilities and turn your packaging vision into reality. Your satisfaction is our commitment, and we can't wait to exceed your expectations!

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